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MobX Team

MobX Team

The MobX team. From left to right: Piet Kopka, Norbert Hadwiger, Stephen Köver, Jan Jursa.

MobX is a privately organized event. There is no big marketing agency, publishing house, software vendor or rich uncle behind this endeavor, just four friends who run this conference – for the fun of it.

MobX is all about Mobile Experience Design & Usability. This doesn’t just mean smartphones and apps, though. Last year, for example, we had great presentations on hot topics such as second screen, cyborg anthropology, designing mobile payments and the automotive industry.

The following speakers have appeared at previous MobX events:

  • Amber Case (USA)
  • Andrea Resmini (SE)
  • Andreas Wegner (DE)
  • Cennydd Bowles (UK)
  • Claire Rowland (UK)
  • Chui Chui Tan (UK)
  • Evan Gerber (USA)
  • Greg Nudelman (USA)
  • Guilherme Schneider (UK)
  • Joel Sandström (SE)
  • Joni Rustulka (USA)
  • Kristofer Layon (USA)
  • Martin Kaltenbrunner (AT)
  • Nick Finck (USA)
  • Priya Prakash (UK, India)
  • Hendrik Dacquin (BE)
  • Scott Jenson (USA)
  • Skip Allums (USA)
  • Stephanie Rieger (UK)
  • Theresa Neil (USA)
  • Lennart Hennigs (DE)
  • Dan Saffer (USA)
  • Darryl Feldman (DE)
  • Gabriel White (Uganda)
  • Giles Colborne (UK)
  • Josh Clark (USA)
  • Karen McGrane (USA)
  • Nancy Birkhölzer (Germany)
  • Oliver Reichenstein (Japan)
  • Peter Sikking (Germany)
  • Rod Farmer (AU)

(Image: Marco Rahn, Flickr)

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