Conference and Workshops

MobX Conference

The MobX Conference takes place on September 13, 2013. Starting early in the morning, ending late at night – this will be a conference day to remember. Networking with interesting people from all over Europe. Meeting the brightest minds from all over the world. Learning from the best. This is what MobX will be all about.

But wait, there’s more: There will be a workshop day on the day before the conference. You’ll be able to choose from several half-day workshops … soon. We’ll be  publishing our speakers and workshop details over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

(Image: Marco Rahn, Flickr)

Sponsoring and Support

German IA Summit 2013

We organize conferences and community events since eight years now. Sponsors and partners have always been a very important part of our endeavors. Since we are not backed up by any company or public or private institution we do need some help in certain moments. That’s when our beloved sponsors and partners jump in and support us.

If you want to be part of this special support squad and want to know what all kinds of benefits you actually get for giving us a helping hand, please head over to our sponsoring section and request our sponsoring infos.

(Image: Marco Rahn, Flickr)

About us

MobX Team

MobX Team

The MobX team. From left to right: Piet Kopka, Norbert Hadwiger, Stephen Köver, Jan Jursa.

MobX is a privately organized event. There is no big marketing agency, publishing house, software vendor or rich uncle behind this endeavor, just four friends who run this conference – for the fun of it.

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No Plastic: MobX 2012 Badges

MobX Paper Badge - no plastic

MobX Paper Badge

At MobX, we constantly try to improve on all levels and make the conference better every year. This year we made a big step – one that we think is important: we got rid of the nasty plastic holder you get with almost all conference badges these days.

Our new conference badges are made out of thick multilayered paper, so no plastic holders are needed any more.

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